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Sol Live Music Interface

The Sol interface is an interesting concept musical interface from DesignGoat that focuses on a low resolution visual feedback – allowing very quick recognition for the performer.

Sol Live Music Interface on Vimeo.

I hadn’t put much consideration into visual feedback in controllers that I have started designing – I will have to put some consideration on whether it is needed, or whether tactile response will be sufficient.

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Woodkid: Iron

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Extraordinary people: The artist with no eyes, Esref Armagan – YouTube

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Introduction to Networking Music – Thoughts

Given that this module is meant to pave the way towards the third year project, I should probably give some thought towards the directions that I am likely to be heading by that time. The most likely Is probably a more direct musical performance/recording approach. However, I may want to do something a bit more ‘interesting’ than that, so it is worth spending time considering events, installations and websites too. This is not saying I won’t do anything else, just highlighting the more likely route

Part of this module involves building a web presence – being this website at the moment, though it is likely to be subject to rapid change over the coming weeks.
At the beginning of AS Levels, website design seemed a very likely career route for me to take, with a strong backing in computing/programming and graphic design. This lead to me choosing graphic and computing courses alongside music at that time. Though I have since drifted away from these subjects to varying degrees, I still retain skills from them which can be put to use during this module.

The module has an emphasis on blogs, which I have never been particularly keen on keeping as fixed content is much lower maintenance. However, I do generally like to keep scrapbook records of projects, and if I view the blog as an online scrapbook, I can see it’s usefulness, though I’m not certain whether it is good to link that outpouring of ideas to my online professional portfolio.

Part of me would like to create an interactive website, as I have a lot of experience in interactive flash design, but Flash seems to me to be a dying platform, with less and less support, and more websites abandoning it for other methods (HTML5 for example) I could attempt to learn one of these newer methods, but it would take me a long time to reach the level of proficiency I had with action script in Flash.

I guess the most important thing for my online presence to be is simply a portfolio of work – as a compositional and session musician, along with bands I am in/have been in. Though I will explore other applications of having a website before I settle on this.

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