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Max/MSP Advanced Mixer

This week we worked through an advanced mixer patch, the chief addition in this patch to previous patches we’ve worked with is the biquad~ object, which allows relatively complexly controlled filters.
It also contained elements of keyboard control, which I have already explored in previous work.

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Max/MSP – Generative Music

This week we built a generative patch in Max/MSP. There were a few interesting objects that I hadn’t used before, but I found the most interesting part was the composition element to the task. Making a track which will hold interest without a formal structure was very interesting, and in some ways mirrored the compositional processes behind my prior (and ongoing) involvement in The Coroner’s Court.

I chose to compose a piece in 7/8 as this is very rare among electronically generated music, and I thought would help mask the points where the patch switched between samples. This was particularly important as I wanted to use acoustic instruments (again to make the generative nature less immediately apparent), and as such the points where samples switched would be less smooth than they could be with synthesised instruments.

The patch in action:

(big version)

I think if I created further generative music, I would have it follow a rough fixed structure, allowing a lot of change within that structure, but ensuring movement and development within the piece. I am however fairly pleased with how this piece came out, considering the simplistic nature of the generative side of things (no structure as previously mentioned etc).

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Max/MSP – Mixer

This week we were set the task of making a simple mixer in Max/MSP


Click for big.

The part of this task I found most interesting was using a patch called sfolder to load files into sfplay when the patch loads.

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