Initial idea? Dialogue.

I went to Dialogue last night – a showcase of music MA students at Newport Uni. My brain started running off at different tangents throughout the entire thing.

Jauge’s set particularly set me thinking about how pre-programmed music can be manipulated in a live setting, making what’s fundamentally a pre-composed piece transition into a live experience, unique to each performance. I started thinking of different ways this could be achieved.

Through the rest of the night these ideas solidified into one solid (in principle, if not specifics) concept:

A system of ranking each note or beat in a piece of music in relation to how ‘important’ it’s deemed to be (based on where in relation to the beat it lies, or it’s velocity), thus an instrument can be ‘turned up or down’ by removing or adding the less important notes, rather than the more standard volume. This system could well also allow transitioning between melodies/beats, by swapping levels of importance between them – the least important ones changing first for example. this would result in interesting melodies coming out of the mix, which weren’t specifically written in in the first place, and they would be different each time if these perameters were controlled live.

As with projects I usually have a tendency to dither over a huge array of ideas for far too long – running out of time to actually implement them, I’ve decided to buck the trend and run with this idea – should it keep seeming feasible – for the rest of the project.

Also, worth mentioning, though perhaps less relevant – Ginko‘s set was amazing. The subtle soundscapes he created, using lights to control the sound created an overwhelming sense overload. Beautiful.

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 Emergent Tech, Inspiration, Stuff I've Done, Uni