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ET – Funding

As a performance art, funding opportunities for this project are quite similar to those for The Coroners Court.

Alternatively, if I’m providing the tech for a professional juggler/circus group, they may be able to provide funding.

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ET – Market.

In many ways it makes sense to develop the technology for professional jugglers to use in performance, of which there is definitely a market, albiet a very small one. To do this, I should record a high quality demo video and submit it to some of the prominent blogs within the juggling community. They generally love new tech, and I think, provided the video is of reasonable quality, there’d be a chance of being featured on at least one of these blogs. I could use the video as a call for performers to work with, and hopefully work with them on an audio-visual show.

Alternatively, I could develop a show of my own, with simpler juggling, but well enough developed music to constitute a full show. This show would be well received as a walk-about act at festivals, if I could figure out a way to make the system portable. Alternatively it would work as a sort of ‘side show’ – in a fixed place, provided it was dark enough. There is a strong push with festivals at the moment to have a high degree of novelty acts dotted around arenas, giving this project a reasonable chance at success.

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ET – Comparitive Projects

I have already covered this in my ET work.

For the performance side, see here.

For the tech side, see here.

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Outline of my ET project as a PDAR project

To create a performance tool that enables kinetic control of music through juggling.

For this prototype, both the sounds controlled and the control method were fairly simple, leaving a lot of depth for development into other technologies, and more involved composition.

I’m generally quite happy with the outcome of this project. I feel that it forms a solid piece of work which is both aesthetically and technologically interesting. I would be interested in continuing to develop the project into my third year, expanding it to not only include algorithmic selection elements, but also other alternative methods of controlling music through movement. These could be other juggling based methods, or otherwise. I think other methods of tracking would also be worth exploring, as well as a much more thorough look at the ways music can be affected. I would also like to relate these methods to more beat driven music, which will be harder to pull off convincingly, but necessary, I feel, to be able to break into a more mainstream market.

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The Role of each god within the Court

Each god, or member of the band represents a duality of human aspects which they control.


He began life as mortal, but manipulated his way to god of fate status as a bid for power to control.


Malicious and insatiable – The god has no sympathy and little or no regard for anything other than itself. Its’ command of people and fate are little more than amusing distraction from the more taxing parts of its existence. It enjoys toying and playing games, and will only ever cause benefit for something else to remove it later down the line and laugh at the suffering caused by it.

It refuses point blank consequences for its own actions and will often shift the point or emphasis, or lie outright to avoid any negative actions or reactions.

It became involved with the Court due to its innate ability to persuade, put thoughts and ideas in a subjects head in such a way that they believe them to be their own and its lack of guilt in destroying lives. Its ability to persuade is largely how it became involved with the court. After gross exaggeration of power – it merely remains the ability to persuade rather than an actual affect on the sanity of an individual.

It puts untrue pure motives on its unjust actions and often acts as if its unjust actions are such deserved by subjects as to justify it objectively.


One of the earliest gods, easy-going, displaying the simplest child-like forms of emotion.


Began as a mere mortal, but took too many drugs, lost his mind and decided he was a god.

Rory – LOVE / HATE

Another early god. He represents the extremes of human emotion.

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The ‘Finished’ Website

The site is finished as a demo product, though I will continue to develop it if I continue the Court on as a project into next year.

The site contains the necessary elements to sustain the market interaction needed to run a project such as this, and is graphically consistent with the band’s image. However, the eventual aim is to extend the multimedia aspect of the band to the site, and create an interactive (probably flash, maybe HTML5) site, where the audience can interact with the music, and find out parts of the band’s fictional backstory, however this is a goal with a notably longer timeframe than the time allowed by this project, so would have to be taken up next year. As it stands though, I feel the site is a good demo site, for a demo of a band.

The site does have a few issues – a couple of inconsistencies with fonts (as well as the font not quite being right – it gives the right feel, but isn’t as readable as I’d like) and minor layout issues (form spacing etc) which I would like to fix but haven’t had the development time to iron out, I will fix these issues as soon as I am able.

The Coroners Court – Funding

The obvious way to gain funding is through gigging. This would not be sustainable at first, but if we could build enough of a fan base it would work. Album sales are unlikely at the moment, as the live show does not translate to a purely aural recorded format. The music would need a lot of development before we could record an album or EP. Due to the heavily artistic nature of our performance, there may be possibility of funding from bodies such as Wales Arts International for example, to gain funding to enter the european music scene. Another slightly unusual form of funding could come from teaching – as our compositional methods are quite unique, we can give others the benefit of the time we have spent developing the processes. There may well be access to funding for this aim. However it does go against the mythos surrounding the rest of the band’s activities, so would perhaps be detrimental to these other areas of performance. Regardless, A fully functioning live show needs to be perfected to be versatile enough to work in different environments before any of these are viable.

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Market and Audience – The Coroners Court

As mentioned in the last couple of posts, there clearly is a market for nu-prog in the UK, however, bar a few exceptions, it does seem to diminish the further an artist strays from a ‘pop’ format. The most common way bands get around this is by achieving cult status, it is an unpredictable title, however, and cannot be relied upon in the least – however moves can be made in the right direction to increase the likelihood of being picked up on it, law out enough hooks, and play enough gigs, and perhaps people will bite. Again, this isn’t at all reliable, but would be an interesting social experiment.

Nu-prog does have a certain appeal to older prog fans, and that demographic should not be ignored. There would definitely be interest from the patrons of small/medium band run festivals such as Beautiful Days, and Cropredy, with an older age bracket than many of the larger festivals, and a higher concentration of hippies (hippies and geeks, the mainstay of prog). These festivals are relatively local, and definitely worth applying for slots at.

As for local gigs, Newport is an unlikely area to gain much success. There is a suitable crowd in Cardiff, but it’s very small, and rarely would have enough people to merit booking a venue with a large enough stage for our current performance, unless the floor mat is modified to fit a smaller stage (2 drummers and a large mat is quite restricting really). Bristol, however, has a very large population of the demographic we’d be aiming at, so it would be worth our while starting to gig around bristol to build up a fan base.

Beyond that, there is a larger scene for prog music across a lot of Europe, particularly eastern europe going into russia, if we could gain funding to tour around that area, we might gain success.

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