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A foray into reactive percussion

This is the result of an evening’s experiments into effecting how many notes/beats of a midi sequence are played (very simply, with predefined ‘levels’, currently) as well as controlling by velocity,rather than just x,y position.
Velocity controls hom much of the beat is played – there is a slight issue with max polling the position faster than the camera updates resulting in a velocity reading of 0 a lot of the time. I’ve got around this by rejecting results that are *exactly* 0, though this does mean it occasionally misses real readings where there’s no movement (though actual 0 movement is very rare)
x and y control pan and a semi-wet band pass filter respectively.

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Manifesto 2012-13

The project that I would like to take on for the next year (at least) is a continuation of a project I did for last year’s Emergent Technology module. A performance using circus/physical theatre/dance performance to control/compose music in a live format. The aim is to create an immersive performance, with equal weighting to the visual and musical elements, bridging the connection between movement and music in both directions rather than the standard of only movement following music.

In the last year, I have taken big steps exploring avenues of non-linear composition – The Coroners Court and my Emergent Tech project that is growing into my final project. I have many other ideas in this area, and hope to explore these Ideas over the coming year, and hopefully after.

Over this year, I want to experiment across a range of different control methods – perhaps developing each into a mini proof-of-concept show in it;s own right. I hope to learn a lot about methods of making music and human kinetic visuals work as closely together as possible, composition for reactive music, and also further my abilities in Max/MSP and jitter as well as learning how to build physical tech for the project.

I want to collaborate with performers outside of this university – either circus or dance. and I hope that these connections will continue past graduation – the project setting up for a tourable show. If I don’t manage to find other performers to work with at this stage, I hope to create a compelling demo production to propose to performers after graduation.

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