Live Performance – 12/10/12

A few hours ago I did the first public(ish) performance of this project.

I’d intended to perform at Newport Circus’ skillshare night on tuesday, and then the CSM Salon night yesterday, but in both cases, logistics proved difficult – at circus, people were paying to be there and we had a limited time in the room, so it seemed unfair to get people to stop what they were doing so that I could set up with the lights off, and at the salon night, there was so many people playing, and so many unknowns about the venue, that it wasn’t worth the┬áhassle and didn’t seem fair to get everyone to stop their setting up so i could turn the lights out etc.

So I performed tonight instead from Ben’s suggestion last night, alongside a lineup of him and Kai, in the dance studio in the uni’s city centre campus. This was a far better venue than either of the 2 I had planned to play at as it provided a much darker room, a nicer floor to work on, and a good ceiling height.

Feedback from the audience suggests that the connection between the movements and sounds are definitely getting clearer, this video doesn’t ┬áhave good stereo sound though, unfortunately, which diminishes the effect. I should have spent more time on setting up, the size threshold for the balls was a bit too high, meaning i had to move forward to stop them cutting out often, this greatly reduced the usable hight to perform in – you can hear the red ball cutting out at the top of high throws.

Got to try out a load of the ideas I’ve been developing though, which was nice. I really need a space to rehearse in, my bedroom certainly doesn’t have the space to practice any of the actual performance elements of this.

Thanks to Kai for filming!

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