Performance – 14/11/12

Another performance in the dance studio yesterday, This one is visually and sonically pretty much the same as the last one, but a lot has changed under the hood.

In response to the outcomes of my last development session, I’ve tried to shorten the set up time, and allow for brighter stage lights to be possible with the tracking still working reliably.

The first major change is the integration of a preset system, where settings can be saved and recalled at a later time. This allows much faster set up when performing in a space I have used before.

The second major change is the modification of the tracking algorithms to work in HSV colour space, as opposed to RGB, which I was working in before. This allows the colour detection filtering to be much more accurate to define as you can specify a specific colour and then allow different degrees of variance in brightness and colour away from that point, as opposed to different levels of red, green, and blue light.

Because I was again sharing the performance space with other people, and because the changes outlined above were not fully¬†implemented¬†at the start of setting up, everything ended up very rushed and was badly calibrated for this performance. As such, the tech didn’t quite work as it should, and because of this, I was put off the performance somewhat. Once the changes have been refined and finished properly, they will hopefully help a lot.

Thanks again to Kai for filming.

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