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Nobody Beats the Drum – Poisson Vert – YouTube

Nobody Beats the Drum – Poisson Vert – YouTube.

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Striving for perfection on Vimeo

Striving for perfection on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Striving for perfection on Vimeo.

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Performance – 13/12/12

With only 2 of us setting up in the space things worked much more smoothly. All the changes made before the last performance┬áhave been completed, but as ever, there are a few things half finished – in this case a few changes to optimise the processor hit (which is still greater than I’d like, restricting the performance to 3 balls). being optimisation issues, they don’t really effect the performance, however, more preventing expansion of the project in certain directions.

There are a few small changes I can make, but I’m fairly happy with this performance. I think it┬ánicely wraps up this train of experimentation, allowing me to deviate more from the specific sounds I’ve been using – visually and musically the piece hasn’t developed a huge amount in the last month or so… now the programming has caught up somewhat, I can start looking into that again.

I will hopefully also start working on new methods of control and expanding the performance to multiple performers now. I will attempt to record at some point a version of this however with higher quality audio, and no audience so that I can record a few takes and use the best one.

Thanks to Rich for filming!

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Extreme Rituals: A Schimpfluch Carnival

This last three days, I’ve had my brain slowly deconstructed and reconstructed by Schimpfluch Gruppe, a noise and performance art group from switzerland. I’ve seen many amazing artists (highlights being Trevor Wishart, Sudden Infant, Vagina Dentata Organ and Dave Phillips), and took part in an extreme yodelling workshop.

I’ve had so many ideas already off the back of this experience, and I’m looking forward to trying some of them out! Roll on Rumoren!

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