Performance – 13/12/12

With only 2 of us setting up in the space things worked much more smoothly. All the changes made before the last performance┬áhave been completed, but as ever, there are a few things half finished – in this case a few changes to optimise the processor hit (which is still greater than I’d like, restricting the performance to 3 balls). being optimisation issues, they don’t really effect the performance, however, more preventing expansion of the project in certain directions.

There are a few small changes I can make, but I’m fairly happy with this performance. I think it┬ánicely wraps up this train of experimentation, allowing me to deviate more from the specific sounds I’ve been using – visually and musically the piece hasn’t developed a huge amount in the last month or so… now the programming has caught up somewhat, I can start looking into that again.

I will hopefully also start working on new methods of control and expanding the performance to multiple performers now. I will attempt to record at some point a version of this however with higher quality audio, and no audience so that I can record a few takes and use the best one.

Thanks to Rich for filming!

Thursday, December 13th, 2012 3rd Year, Live, Stuff I've Done