Last night I went to see Bianco, NoFit State‘s Current show. The whole thing was stunningly choreographed, with some exceptional performance, mostly focussing on arial work. The music stood out particularly, with score that wondered between many styles, all played by a live band. At times the music outshone the circus performance, drawing attention away from it, but this was no bad thing. Phenomenal!

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Bath UpChuck

Yesterday, I braved the snows to head over to Bath for Bath UpChuck Juggling convention!
Arriving too late (after last night’s evening out to see Facade) to do many workshops, I settled in to watch the evening show.
Amidst a lot of fantastic acts, there was a performance by one of the Gandinis that utilised glow juggling clubs along with electronic music. While the juggling was technically very good, it didn’t flow amazingly well with the music, and the lights were far too jittery and unrelated to the music for the performance to hold together well as an overall experience.

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Last night, I saw the Crashmat Collective perform Facade at Newport Riverfront Theatre. It was a fantastic show set in a fictional restaurant, with the performers serving a three course meal to the audience. Music and lights were brilliantly implemented – a ‘waiter’ would be half way through serving something to a table when the lights and music would change, and suddenly all the performers would be doing some strange repetitive motion, while one of them performed a circus piece before everything switching back to how it was before, with neutral lighting and relaxed double bass led music.

I like the idea of lighting and sound unexpectedly changing dramatically together, and am hoping to implement this in my work – perhaps using a DMX controller that is also controlled with the circus performance.

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I’ve just realised that I don’t think I’ve ever posted this video on here!

This masterpiece directed by  was the seed that this whole project grew from, way back when it came out 10 months ago. I’d been toying with methods of control and ordered the balls, but the whole conceptual aesthetic slammed into place after watching this video – brought it into being anything more than just a neat bit of tech without direction. The creatures that come in at 2:50 were obviously the main inspiration in this regard.

This is where the deep sea vibe came from!

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Nobody Beats the Drum – Poisson Vert – YouTube

Nobody Beats the Drum – Poisson Vert – YouTube.

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Striving for perfection on Vimeo

Striving for perfection on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Striving for perfection on Vimeo.

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Meeting with Danny and Cole

Yesterday I met up with two performers from Circomedia – Cole, a graduate aerialist and dancer, and Danny, a second year slackliner and juggler.
We met up in a dojo in bristol and I set up my gear and mostly just let them play with it to see what came out of it.
I filmed little bits, but unfortunately my camera is pretty low quality for film.

It was a pretty productive session, with a lot of good creative silliness. Danny brought some juggling scarves with him which I thought were really interesting, as they could be well lit and tracked and gave a nice floaty feel that was much slower than the balls. This also elaborates on the deep sea vibe that the whole project grew from.

I’m looking forward to working with these guys more!


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Motion Tracking and Music – YouTube

Hey, Look what I found!

This obviously is along very similar lines to what I have been doing. It implements some interesting sonic reactions to the music, I will look into how these are made, and whether I’d like to use some of the sonic concepts in my own work.
For me, this is too abstract, as sounds go, and looses interest a little too quickly.

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