Beach filming

I’ve spent the last 2 days filming on the beach in the sun – it’s a hard life!

Not much time for lying around though, sadly!

Have another sneaky frame from the filming…

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Filming Fire!

Just back from a nice location shoot for my video, today’s footage documenting some of my fire work. Have a sneaky preview frame!

Fire filming still

All looking pretty exciting!

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I’ve just realised that I don’t think I’ve ever posted this video on here!

This masterpiece directed by  was the seed that this whole project grew from, way back when it came out 10 months ago. I’d been toying with methods of control and ordered the balls, but the whole conceptual aesthetic slammed into place after watching this video – brought it into being anything more than just a neat bit of tech without direction. The creatures that come in at 2:50 were obviously the main inspiration in this regard.

This is where the deep sea vibe came from!

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Uni Midterm waffling – Production

Format of release and publication

The site is obviously deals with itself in that regard, and the video and app will be distributed through the site.


Audiences and markets

The audience at this point is, I guess, potential collaborators and companies that I may be able to work with.

The live part of the project would definitely work best as part of a bigger show, and to this affect I need to either aim my marketing towards finding a larger show to join with, or towards gaining funding.

Once I have developed the site, a video and potentially app to a level I am happy with, I will distribute it by presenting it to juggling blogs and websites (,, etc) as well as possibly music tech blogs and such, but I haven’t researched these yet.

Similar things… there aren’t many. Either that or I’m really searching for the wrong thing. Most of my searches come back with my own work, and not much else. There are a few things that people have done that I’ve posted in previous posts, but nothing that’s developed the tech into a really viable performance.



Finish website – end of jan

Finish video – end of feb

Spam the hell out of the internet – march

Finish app – end of April

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Site redesign!

It’s not 100% finished, but most of the visual design is there for now. I need to fix up the technical side of the blog management and such, but hey… getting there!

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Nobody Beats the Drum – Poisson Vert – YouTube

Nobody Beats the Drum – Poisson Vert – YouTube.

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The ‘Finished’ Website

The site is finished as a demo product, though I will continue to develop it if I continue the Court on as a project into next year.

The site contains the necessary elements to sustain the market interaction needed to run a project such as this, and is graphically consistent with the band’s image. However, the eventual aim is to extend the multimedia aspect of the band to the site, and create an interactive (probably flash, maybe HTML5) site, where the audience can interact with the music, and find out parts of the band’s fictional backstory, however this is a goal with a notably longer timeframe than the time allowed by this project, so would have to be taken up next year. As it stands though, I feel the site is a good demo site, for a demo of a band.

The site does have a few issues – a couple of inconsistencies with fonts (as well as the font not quite being right – it gives the right feel, but isn’t as readable as I’d like) and minor layout issues (form spacing etc) which I would like to fix but haven’t had the development time to iron out, I will fix these issues as soon as I am able.